Marketing Course: Effective Marketing Strategies for Academic Writing (Assignment Help) Websites

This marketing package will teach you dozens of highly effective marketing techniques that will take you to the next level as an assignment help website owner, and enable you to transform your academic writing company to a highly profitable venture. This is a self-paced 10-hour video course that allows you to proceed from one lecture to the next at your own speed and you have a lifetime access to the videos upon enrolling in the course. The course will cover various core areas such as:

  • Identifying a less competitive niche and great domain
  • Customer profiling : identifying who and where the client is in terms of demographics (their age, gender, education level, fields of study, schools/universities, Undergrad Years e.g. 2015-2018), Psycho-graphics (their personality type, preferences, etc), Behavior (their similar likes and dislikes, etc), the places they are attracted to (both physical locations and cyber space) e.g. where they hang out, what they read online and what they usually search for online and many more factors.
  • SEO (from key word research to implementing SEO strategies)
  • Facebook marketing strategies specifically for assignment help services
  • Twitter marketing strategies tailored for assignment help services
  • Marketing using other social media platforms frequented by students (assignment help clients)
  • How to reach out to your customers
  • How to reach to similar audiences
  • How to use re-targeting and other advanced Facebook and Twitter marketing techniques
  • Acquiring and retaining quality writers
  • How to get referrals 
  • Retaining your clients
  • And many more

Enroll in this course and let’s get started. Preview the course here.


  • Course Duration: 10 hours on-demand video
  • Course Access Period Lifetime
  • Course details