Additional Clients’ Website

Additional Clients’ Website

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Academic Writing Script Plus the Marketing Course

Complete Online Academic Writing System and marketing course

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Academic Writing Script (Two Websites: clients’ & writers’ website)

Complete Online Academic Writing System

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SEO Friendly Websites On-page SEO accounts for almost 90% of Google ranking factors, hence we have given it utmost attention in the website design to improve the website ranking on the main search engines. In addition, the websites are fully responsive making it easier for users to interact with the content on various devices. Our SEO Friendly websites greatly increase the chances of you landing on the coveted first three spots of search engine results page. We are cognisant of the fact that search engines are built around their ability to index pages, so we have structured the website in a way that makes it accessible to crawlers so that the crawlers can get to every page on your site. A flat site hierarchy with the links on the homepage represented by the second line of pages. Buy the script now
Fully Automated Website The automation makes the job of managing your academic writing website so much easier. The ordering process is fully automated and accompanied with automatic notifications that are sent to both the writer, the client and admin as required. The messaging system also enhances automation by allowing the client to send messages directly to the writer or support and vise-versa. The admin has access to all messages to prevent any foul play. Finally, the integrated live chat system allows you to see who is on your website. Knowing which person clicked on which web page and which page he visited before landing on your website helps you monitor what content is popular, which marketing technique is working and which does not work. Start your own academic writing website
Secured Website: Hacker-Proof Getting your website hacked is a big deal and it can be complex to clean it up. The financial implication and the brand damage associated with a website hack can be too huge to handle. According to Sophos, about 30,000 websites are hacked a day. This number is expected to skyrocket, as cybercrime has become a lucrative business, hence putting every known website at risk. Using a vulnerable script will make your website prone to hacking. You make wake up to see some unwanted content like promotional ads of drugs, terrorism, other illicit activities and pornography on your website. Our script is protected against any form of code injection and other types of known system penetration techniques. Do not let your website be one of the 30000 that are hacked every day. Buy the Script Now

Why Start Your Own Academic Writing Website?

Increase Your Income

With effective marketing, you should be able to attain a monthly net income of over $10,000 within the first six months of the website’s launch and grow it to over $200,000 per month within 2 years! This may sound unrealistic to those who have no clue or have limited knowledge about the potential of this industry. Our 7-hour self-paced video course marketing package takes you through several guaranteed ways in which you can achieve this.

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Attain Financial security

Everyone needs the peace of mind you feel when you are not worried about your income being enough to cover your expenses or losing your source of income. Why buy an academic writing account in excess of $1400 then live in fear of the account being terminated rendering you jobless. Why allow somebody to determine the lifetime of your main source of income? Start your Own academic writing website to attain financial security

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No Low Season Nightmare

Why have frequent low season nightmares? It’s time to eliminate the seasonal limits. Why should you experience a low season when learning goes own throughout the year? When most UK universities close for holidays, there are many other universities in Australia and the US still in session. Having your own website and capturing various markets will guarantee you a constant flow of jobs throughout the year.

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